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Recording Studio for Indie Music


I will guide you through every step of your production. With experience and craftsmanship I will elevate your sound to international level.
Blank Room Audio offers a control room and a separate recording room. All rooms in the recording studio have windows for natural daylight. We can accommodate artists on-site with access to a kitchen and a private bathroom.
Find a floor plan of the studio here.


Mixing is the most decisive step in crafting the sound of a record. I will give your music a timeless yet bold and transparent sound.
My productions provide everything a record can give.
You can attend your mixing session online from anywhere and at any time, providing you full transparency throughout the production process.


My golden ears will double check your work and raise the sound of your production to a world-class level.
By using custom analog hardware and state of the art digital high-end processing, y
our tracks will sound balanced and professional on each and every sound device.
Blank Room Audio stands for a timeless and sophisticated sound.


Tama Birch Bubinga, Tama Birch, Custom Recording Snare
Bass Amps
Hiwatt, Peavey, Hughes&Kettner, Ashdown
Guitar Amps
Fender, Marshall, Orange, Hiwatt, Vox, Mesa Boogie
Pianos & Synths
Blüthner, Rhodes, Dave Smith Instruments, Roland, Oberheim, Moog

Analog Preamps
Neumann, Neve, RCA, RFZ, SSL, Studer, 
Analog Compression
Fairchild 670, EMI RS124, EMI Zener Limiter, Teletronix LA2A, SSL 4000 Bus, Rohde & Schwarz U23, Neve 33609
Analog Consoles
Studer 961, Studer 169

 *some units are custom made to original specs

Analog EQ
Sontec MES 432, Sontec MEP 250,
Elysia Museq, ANT W696
Analog Multiband Compression
Maselec MLA-3
Analog Tape Machine
Revox PR99 MK3


outboard gear

I have been offering online mixing and mastering services for 12 years. Working with bands ranging from Indie to Pop, Punk Rock, Electronic and Experimental Music.
For maximum convenience Blank Room Audio has established an online mixing and mastering workflow. This way you can attend your session from anywhere at any time. You can also come and visit the Studio. It is located in Wittenberg, right between Berlin and Leipzig.

Here is a testimonial of one of my recent clients whose album was mixed entirely online:

“Falk’s patient and meticulous approach to mixing our music made a big impression on us and our vision come true. We hope to be able to work together again soon.” – Hekla

artist and engineer listening to a recording at Blank Room Audio - Recording Studio for Indie Music
Our Works
Indie / Garage - Worst Coast
60s Girl Group / Post Punk - Halfsilks
College Core / 60s Surf - Baker Seats
Singer / Songwriter - Nicolas Huart
Northern Soul - Frank Popp Ensemble
Indie / Alternative - Aunt Sally
Modern Jazz - Klanglomerat
Pop - Burcu Kisakurek

Timeless sound for Indie music

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